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In the ruin of an exploded production of Hamlet, four performers strike out on an optimistic quest to understand mortality.

Yorick! Is an uplifting performance spectacular about death: a comedic look at the barriers we create to avoid thinking about our own mortality.Each of its five parts draws inspiration from Hamlet and the different perspectives on mortality that the prince experiences through the course of the play: from indifferent musings with gravediggers, to intense grief at Ophelia’s funeral. The show also draws inspiration from musicals, incorporating songs based on musical theatre tropes and harnessing their spontaneous and positive energy.The performers are personal, direct and playful in the face of their impossible task of storytelling, singing and dancing while simultaneously doing worthy battle with the most infamous of riddles. Ultimately however, they are their own worst enemies:knee-capping themselves with their own stubbornness, egoism and intellectual competitiveness,

Devised by the companyPerformed Isobel MacKinnon, Rachel Baker, Freya Finch & Oliver Devlin

Directed by Joel BaxendalePerformance

Design by Meg Rollandi

Lighting Design by Rachel Marlow

Music composed by Oliver Devlin

Musical Arrangement by Jake Baxendale

Produced Melanie Hamilton

Marketing Manager: Lydia Zanetti for Zanetti Productions

Production Manager: Bridget Carpenter

Publicist: Elephant Publicity

Auckland: Q Theatre (Matchbox 2018), 13-23 April 2018

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a piece of theatre that fills us with a sense of joy rather than doom over our inevitable end


an absurd and absurdly funny romp


raw truthfulness that undresses the issues that surround life and its intricate mysteries


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