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Stay safe. Be kind. Trust no-one.
An immersive horror-comedy theatre show inspired by the classic game of social deduction.

Three wardens, a safehouse and a circle of strangers. The lycanthropy outbreak has begun. You have been summoned to the local shelter, along with other members of your community, to wait for the all-clear. The containment period is one week and the nights are pitch black, but your wardens are prepared for anything. Or are they?

Werewolf is a thrilling horror-comedy that explores our collective response to crises. On top of the jump scares and chilling sound design, the fast-paced and organic action stems from game elements and a semi-improvised script, which heroes the audience.

Conceived and devised by the company

Performers (by number of appearances): Karin McCracken, Joel Baxendale, Arlo Gibson, Freya Daly Sadgrove, Ralph Upton

Dramaturgy: Ralph Upton

Sound design and operation by Oliver Devlin

Produced by Joel Baxendale & Eleanor Strathern

Production management (premiere season): Pauline Ward

Development of Werewolf was supported by Lōemis Festival, BATS Theatre, and with funding from Creative New Zealand and Wellington City Council.

Development Season-  Inverlochy Art House 26 - 27 September 2020

The Dowse Art Museum 29 October 2020

Lōemis Festival St Peter’s Village Hall, Paekakariki 11-12 June 2021

Breaker Bay Community Hall 17-20 June 2021​

Heart of Winter Festival Carterton Events Centre 16 July 2021​

Nelson: Fairfield House, Nelson 6-7 May 2022

Golden Bay: Mussel Inn, 8 May 2022

Barrytown Hall 11 May 2022

Christchurch: Little Andromeda, 13-14 May 2022

Palmerston North, The Dark Room,19-20 May 2022

Hastings: Spaceship, 21 May 2022

Rotorua: Shambles Theatre, 22 May 2022

Auckland: Basement Theatre, 24-28 May 2022

Show Duration: 60 minutes

Audience suitability: 10 years and up

Stage configuration: In the round

Venue type: found or theatre spaces

Capacity: up to 120

Touring Party: 4

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"a clever commentary on mob mentality and fear mongering; how quickly humans can turn into monsters"

Regional News

“brings the audience centre stage in a race against time to survive from the threats that lurk both outside and within”


"extremely impressive, progressive, brave, original and just purely fantastic!! … I would go again and again”

audience member

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